When our journey began several years ago, neither of us knew where to turn for help. We cried, Googled, prayed, reached out to some helpful places (others not so helpful or downright damaging), and went into hyper drive trying to fix it… mainly we had endless questions and very few clear answers.

It can be paralyzing to consider that your child may have a substance abuse problem. Where do you turn for help? Parenting troubled teens often involves silent suffering; the stigma of having an addicted child causes many parents to withdraw or to look the other way rather than seek help. By listening to others share their stories, we hope that you will find that you don’t have to go this alone.

We created this podcast as a place for parents to find hope, community, and helpful resources when it feels like the world is falling apart. We will share our stories, interview many thought leaders in the addiction/recovery space, and have honest discussions with other parents.

As a parent, we FIX things. That’s what we do. If love could fix addiction, the misery of substance abuse would never exist. While love can’t fix this, it certainly gives strength and hope to the ones who struggle and must find the answers for themselves.

We are experts in one thing – our own experiences.  What you hear is not meant to be advice or direction, but an honest, no shame, nothing off-limits conversation on parenting teens who struggle with substance abuse issues.